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Gateway Snowboard 19-20

Ages: 13 - 80

Tamarack Resort is pleased to announce our continued partnership with Gateway Parks and Play it Again Sports with the Gateway to Tamarack Program.  Designed for the teen/adult that has never tried any type of snow sports before Tamarack Resort and Gateway Parks want to share our passion for winter activity with anyone that wants to learn. Tamarack is offering lessons starting the first Wednesday in January at the Gateway Park facility in Eagle Island State Park for the 2019/2020 winter season.  Tamarack Resort will be providing snow sports instruction to small groups limited to 60 participants per session.  Enrollment includes one 1.5hr session at Gateway (7pm-8:30pm) and two 1hr sessions at Tamarack (9am). $30 for all three sessions.  $10 per participant will be donated to the Payette Lakes Ski Club After School Program scholarship program.