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5 hr kids private ski adventure package

Ages: 2 - 12

Intended for children ages 2-12 years old this is an exclusive all day experience. This lesson includes lift ticket, and rentals.  Starting at 10:00 am sharp, the participant can expect a day full of adventure and learning.  Moving at the pace of the student, the instructor will goal set with the student on a number of achievable outcomes.  After a couple hours of skiing, both instructor and student break for lunch (included) and have the opportuity to review the morning.  After a warm meal and a chance to re-fuel it is time to head back out on the hill to continue the fun and learning.  Lessons ends at 3:00pm, however we encourage our team to give a few minutes to debrief all that the day entailed, including what things to keep working on in between lesson experiences.